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This section documents each user product and its technical specifications.

Summary of The End User Products

Five different types of telephones available to suit your needs and requirements as a customer.

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VoIP Gateway

This gateway allows you to turn your ordinary home or small office phones into VoIP enabled telephones Read More

IP Telephone

The IP phone combines a VoIP gateway and a telephone into one model, allowing you to use VoIP and PSTN without any extra devices. Read More


The Pnphone (plug 'n' play phone) is a USB phone that you simply plug into your computer or laptop with an internet connection and then can use to phone either VoIP networks or PSTN Read More

PnPhone Lite

This is a mini version of our PnPhone, with the unit the size of a USB flash drive with an attached speaker and microphone on a wire.

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Mobile VoIP Phone

This represents the culmination of our technological expertise, a MobileVoIP phone that wirelessly connects to the internet to use both VoIP and PSTN networks, can be activated and used in any Wi-Fi locations. Read More

Call Station Features

A full list of features avaliable within the call station. Read More

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