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This section looks at the ideas and technologies behind the future of telecommunications, VoIP.

Summary of The Ideas Behind VoIP

VoIP takes speech and converts it into digital data to be sent over the internet to the target user, whose VoIP system then converts it back into sound, the process is virtually instantaneous.

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Quest VoIP Telecom Systems Overview

QTL’s VoIP Telecom Solution is an easy-to-use, “plug and play” system that provides the user with good quality voice transmission at low cost.

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Summary of Communications Available

Our VoIP network can connect with a wide variety of communication networks the world over and in doing so representing the future of telecommunications
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Technology Overview

The core technology of the platform is the integration of PSTN and VoIP through our advanced backend servers and support systems. Allowing users to cheaply dial into and out of traditional telephone networks without generating the immense costs that are associated with traditional PSTNs.
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