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Customising your DiTV


The system can be deployed within a range of environments, we can combine a range of modules and develop new ones depending on your needs. We supply the complete system, from the front end delivery to the backend support and content servers, you brand it and deploy it in the market, Toptrend acts as an original design manufacturer for you to use when wanting to deploy a DiTV system.


This system is based on a revenue share model that benefits all parties in the revenue share, and allows you to use our research and development to your own specifications and requirements.


We can supply to you the whole solution, our artists and developers can deploy logos and customised colour schemes or you can simply give us your designs and we will apply them to your system. We can supply any number of DiTV platforms from small intimate operations to large full scale deployment, we have recently entered into a deal to supply all 3 star and up hotels in the Beijing area with DiTV, this is a sterling example of our ability to deliver large scale operations.


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