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DiTV has many functions that compliment and advance communications within a company, utilising the VoIP, Stocks and Shares, Videoconferencing and Wi-Fi modules the DiTV platform becomes a route through which cost-effective communication becomes a reality.


Our VoIP module easily integrates into traditional PBX phone networks and allows fast, high quality and cheap voice communication throughout the globe. Expensive phone lines for businesses can become a thing of the past, because we provide the full network support system through our servers you can be assured of quality and reliability.


Integrating the stocks and shares module allows businesses to watch stocks on exchanges the world over. Our system is authorised by the Bank of China to allow payments through our in-built card reader.


The Videoconferencing module allows businesses to realise the full potential of videoconferencing, people can hold important face-to-face meetings without having to pay for an expensive videoconferencing without a backend support system compromising quality and reliability. Our module integrates the quality and reliability needed to really use videoconferencing to its full potential, as we provide the full system from the front end user set-top box to the backend servers and gateways.


If you are looking to upgrade your office network from the traditional wire and plug network then integrating the corporate design DiTV will suit your requirements without you having to buy separate Wi-Fi routers and configure them all. The Wi-Fi add-on will allow you to replace expensive old systems freeing up office space and allowing easier office expansion, no more buying meters of wiring and stripping, cutting and laying them all when a new computer is added to the office. Laptops will be able to function better as their portability is properly utilised throughout the office.


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