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The DiTV platform can be integrated into homes to provide a single entertainment platform for the entire family. The integration of the video, music, tv, internet, wi-fi, games and shopping modules creates the ultimate in home entertainment systems. The ease at which these modules can be used by both adults and children alike allows DiTV to suit the requirements of everyone in the house.


Content is supplied to home units from our servers and content providers from around the world. Filters and controls may be easily added allowing children to only access that which is appropriate to them.


Your DiTV box will be connected to our dedicated servers allowing fast reliable access to content, payment for this content can be made through the easy to use built in card reader. As your payment is conducted through our dedicated servers that utilise the latest in security and coding it is safe from fraud.


The wi-fi add-on to the set-top box will allow the box to broadcast the internet throughout your house securely, allowing you to access it from laptops and computers, as well as use wi-fi capable devices such as speakers, printers and scanners. Thus transforming the DiTV box into a beacon of connectivity, and saving money on wiring or external wireless routers.


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