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DiTV Hotel Adaptation


In this section we document how a hotel can adopt and configure their own DiTV platform for their guests, at the end of the section is a link to a case study showing our success in the past at integrating DiTV into hotels.


Hotels wishing to modernise their current guest entertainment systems can choose from our wide variety of modules designed to provide people with both entertainment and communication options.


Hotels can easily build our DiTV platforms and backend servers into their own room management and content systems. By doing this the hotel can charge for movies, VoIP services, internet access and other features they choose from. Hotels may generate additional revenue from our installed modules as guests will be encouraged to use our integrated box for their communication and entertainment needs, providing you with revenue.


The fact that the DiTV platform and backend servers can be integrated into room management and billing means that hotels can use the system to charge for these services without having to build in additional support systems themselves. Hotels may choose from a large range of flexible operations allowing you to control content delivery to each room, allowing you to build in additional charges for services. As the DiTV platforms are modular we can provide extra services should you in the future decide to add extra functionality for guests.


The DiTV set-top boxes can be installed anywhere throughout the hotel, they can be installed in both hotel guest rooms for entertainment and VoIP, or into your conference rooms to provide traveling business executives with a Videoconferencing module.


The DiTV interface can be fully customised and branded to your specific requirements, giving the system a look that matches your hotel's chosen image.


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