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Market applications overview


The way you intend to use DiTV will naturally change according to your situations and needs, the system can easily be adapted and integrated into your current systems for office or hotel management, or it can easily be installed and configured as a centralised home entertainment provider.


The system can be configured for hotels to provide all the guests entertainment and communications needs while easily integrating with your existing billing systems. It also integrates with your content management systems allowing you to supply and control your own content.


Offices can use the system as a perfect vessel to launch video conferences and VoIP telecommunications, allowing people to meet and talk throughout the globe without having to purchase a costly ticket or pay an expensive phone bill. These systems come with the internet fully integrated and if you use the Wi-Fi module you can broadcast internet access throughout the office without having to pay for costly routers and additional units.


Residents can utilise this system to fully integrate video-on demand, music on-demand, the internet, VoIP and many other features allowing one box for which all the house entertainment is channeled, cutting out the need to constantly seek remote controls or attempt to add another socket every time you want something new.


You may also design a custom configuration to suit your every requirement, these VoIP boxes are totally modular so sections can be added and removed simply and easily, allowing us to create for you the perfect system.


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