> DiTV| Overview about our DiTV System

This section looks at the ideas and technologies behind the convergence of communications that is DiTV, and gives you a better understanding of the theories and uses behind DiTV.

Summary about DiTV

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. This roughly translates as television being supplied through your broadband connection. The uniqueness of our IPTV system, DiTV, is that the programs available are on-demand, scheduled only by you.
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IPTV Platform Features

A summary of the available modules and how the system functions.

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DiTV Technology overview

General information about the structure behind your platform providing content and security to your own platform.

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DiTV Products

This section talks about the input products that you can use to interact with your DiTV box to access content such as movies and games.

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DiTV Custom Systems

This section explains how the system can be fully customised by hotels or business' to suit their needs and requirements to the letter.

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