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There are a vast amount of different uses and applications for DiTV. This section explores the more popular and widely used modules.

Summary of content modules available

This section of DiTV looks at the actual content available to the end-user, such as Video-on-Demand, music, and stocks, and provides an introduction to what the platform can provide. Read More


The Video-on-Demand module provides access to a large database of movies that are not scheduled for you to try and meet the starting time, but instead start whenever you choose to view them. Read More

Interactive Games

This module provides access to games within the DiTV platform. Games provide children and adults alike with hours of entertainment.

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With our DiTV solution you can shop through the various sites on the internet allowing you to instantly purchase a wide number of consumer products available.

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Broadcast Television

Our Broadcast Television module incorporates a wide stream of broadcast video into our system, as it takes its feed from television providers from around the globe

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Music & Radio

This module seamlessly integrates both live streaming radio from stations across the world, and on-demand music from content providers.

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VoIP Telephone Calls

This module allows global telephone communication at local costs. Our VoIP system is integrated with all the voice telecommunication networks in the world; landline and mobile alike. Read More

Stock Markets

This module fully integrates the stocks and shares of the world into one convenient location, you can view the stocks and shares on global trading markets through this medium. Read More

Wireless Internet Access

This module allows your DiTV platform to broadcast wireless internet access to traditional wireless receivers across a distance which will encompass your office or house without having to worry about losing signal. Read More


This module is a custom version of the VoD and games module. By providing your own lessons available on the e-Learning VoD you can teach classes. The e-Learning games module allows people to learn through play. Read More

Video Conferencing

This module, when combined with a high-quality camera allows the user to hold a video conference with either a direct link to another DiTV platform or multiple locations around the world. Read More

Additional modules

Just because a module is not listed here doesn't mean we can't supply it to you. Read about how we can build custom modules for you here.

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