China sourcing opportunities for your manufactured requirements

Murchison can both import products for your company to use and source products to our sourcing and production partners in China consisting of a team of skilled engineers, designers, and developers constantly on the lookout for new opportunities.


As sourcing is done through Murchison Holdings' own entity, Murchison International, the process is fast, efficient, and does not come with the inherent difficulties and time consumption normally associated with sourcing products.


Our sourcing department facilitates specialised worldwide clientele in obtaining electronic component design and manufacturing solutions from the Asia-Pacific region. Murchison's positioning and its established contacts allow you to harness the production power of China by sourcing products with us.


The chairman of Murchison Holdings has recently been appointed as Senior Economic Advisor to the Government of Nan'an District by the People's Government of China. This grants us unique sourcing opportunities and a very strong position within China and the Asia Pacific region as a whole. If you are interested in seizing the uniquely powerful manufacturing opportunities available through Murchison and Pacific Lion then contact us to begin arrangements.

We have several opportunities for those wishing to partner with us here at Murchison,
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