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QTL was established in 2006 and is pioneered by Toptrend and Murchison Holdings Limited. It was founded to venture into the VoIP market and provide a new level of integration between PC, VoIP and Toptrend's DiTV. The project was initiated after reviewing phone tariffs throughout the world and realising that there was a much easier and cheaper solution to the growing need for high levels of communication. The birth and rise of broadband made vocal communications through the internet possible at a rate that was faster, clearer and cheaper than the conventional methods of dialing.


The strong growth seen in Broadband penetration means that it is now feasible to circumvent the dominant hold which major networks have on traditional telecommunications. With our fully-integrated platform encompassing most of the latest technologies in communications, we have now established a new, low cost carrier that is ready to roll out to the market.


For someone who is contemplating starting a telecom service business, the advantage with using our VoIP network is that they will get a complete system from the front end technology to the administration and billing accounting system. We can setup the business in a short time and get your operation going with full support from our partner QTL. Read more about how to customise your own VoIP system here.



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