Link Service Technology
Producer of Next Generation Servers for VoIP

Link Services Technology

LST is 51% owned by Quest Telecom and is the developer behind the servers for our backend support system. The servers and system are responsible for ensuring that our VoIP network remains operational and at peak efficiency. When you enter into partnership with Murchison as a telecom provider you not only get the front end user products, but the full backend server system also. The backend system is produced, pioneered and developed under LST, distributed and manufactured by Quest Telecom, and branded with your logo and requirements.


QTL and its technology partners have successfully installed the back-end systems of its VoIP Next Generation Network (“NGN”) platform in Vienna, Austria, In Oberhausen, Germany, in Singapore, Hong Kong, and in Melbourne. All preliminary testing has confirmed the quality and speed of the voice transmission to be of an exceptional standard. QTL has also applied for ETS and Ivan licences from the relevant authorities in Hong Kong. QTL intends to roll out its VoIP services once all approvals are obtained.

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