Developer of Our Next Generation DiTV Platform


The Murchison DiTV project was initiated to integrate the three mediums of communication in the world today, voice, video and data. working with Toptrend over thousands of man hours and millions of dollars we have created the ultimate platform for delivering integrated 'triple play' information into anywhere with a broadband connection.


We are constantly evaluating and integrating the latest in IPTV technology so as to constantly provide the best quality system on the market. The current STB is the third generation for DiTV and represents the culmination of our experience in software and hardware development. The interactive STB is the future of delivering video, data and voice into the home or office and DiTV is the fusion of these aspects into one small affordable box.


The STB is completely customisable depending on the wants and needs of the consumer, as a hotel or business you may build the DiTV solution into your existing systems. As a digital services provider you may brand our DiTV and supply it with the content you wish to provide.

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