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>Quest Licence Approved

Quest Telecoms Ltd has been granted a licence to provide telecom services


We are both pleased and proud to announce that QTL has been granted a licence to provide public non-exclusive telecommunications services (“PNET”) to our customers, this is the first stage required by companies to provide full telephony services to phone card customers. QTL is intending to target both the international and domestic markets with this venture and is looking forward to both the challenges and rewards of the hard work ahead.


The granting of the Licence in Hong Kong represents the first step in the full launching of our telecommunications services. QTL has advised the Company that it intends to focus initially on providing international phone cards, IDD, roaming services, and sale of Hong Kong telephone numbers with prefix “15”, “16” or “30 (5-9)” which have been allocated for our networks.


QTL is currently in the process of applying for further licences to provide value added services and internal/external communications, allowing QTL to roll out its highly competitive VoIP based telephone network to the public.


Murchison's chairman Chiang Wee Tiong is encouraged by the progress made by Quest Investments and Quest Telecom and says "QST has a well-defined road map for our effort in diversifying away from a traditional reliance on stockbrokerage business as a primary source of income.  QTL has in the recent past assembled a portfolio of technology and regulatory licences to enable it to provide both traditional telephony and Voice-over-IP services to its targeted clientele both in the HKSAR and internationally. The granting of our first PNETS Licence represents a modest but important foot print for QTL’s foray in the telecommunication industry. We are cautiously optimistic about the future business direction of QTL.”


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