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>Murchison Holdings to develop Montenegro

Murchison Group Ltd to establish business relations within Montenegro.


Montenegro is a newly-independent country, located on the shore of the warm Adriatic Sea. It is a maritime and mountainous country with a population of just under 700,000 inhabitants. With its cultural and historical heritage, its pleasant Mediterranean climate, and its unspoiled natural landscape, Montenegro has been an important destination for European tourists.


In June 2006, MCH was approached by its European partners to participate in a preliminary assessment of the possibility to assist Montenegro in some of its planned infrastructural projects. Montenegro is a newly-independent country in Europe having recently separated from Serbia. A visit by MCH and its partners took place later that month.


After a series of meetings with the Government of Montenegro and Budva Municipal Government, and having toured the sites of some of the intended development programmes, MCH and its partners signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the respective Governments for a number of projects which the group is confident in implementing.


It is envisaged that MCH and Ecosoil would lead and manage a number of physical and telecommunications infrastructure and tourism-related projects in Montenegro.


Budva is the main tourist area within Montenegro, being the warmest and sunniest part of the country it is visited by a number of beach holidayers throughout the year. This is the main area in which MCH will be establishing tourist-related developments. We will be integrating infrastructure throughout Montenegro as a whole.


A second visit by the Chairman and MCH’s partners was made in the first week of August. Accompanying the Chairman on that visit were a number of senior management officers representing some of the largest infrastructure companies from the PRC interested in teaming up with MCH in Montenegro.


1.) Projects in Budva:
a)Sport/Health and Recreation centre at the already defined site at Budva containing:
- Multifunction sport and cultural arena for approx 15,000 people
- Shopping Mall
- Fitness and Recreation Centre
- Beach Accommodation
- Parking facility
b) Ringroad around Budva (with or without toll) based on already existing areas.
c) Shopping Centre Budva as part of numerous shopping centres around the country
d) Other tourism projects in discussion, to be confirmed later
e) Cooperation in the State Lottery and Casino business with Mr. Grbovic to develop the business.


2.) Technology transfer from China to Montenegro

-VoIP and Broadband networking

-Assembly factory for 3G handsets and flatpanel televisions at a defined industrial area

-Digital Interactive Television


3.) Bank licence to open an international trade bank in Montenegro


4.)Licence for foresting business including sawmills


5.)Large scale projects such as national highways, power stations and power lines


6.)Logistic licence's and landing rights on existing airports and ports including trucking and railways.


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