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> The Economist highlights Toptrend as leader of IPTV

The Economist reports on IPTV within Asia singles out Toptrend's DiTV solution as the top contender within the region


The Economist recently published an article documenting the rise of IPTV and broadband within China and the problems they face. The Economist rightly pointed out that what was required within the region was a solution that was cheap enough to be widely affordable, and yet flexible and functional enough to accommodate additional online services.


Broadband within China has been spreading slowly, as of the beginning of 2005 there were 21million subscribers, although a vast number of people when compared to subscribers elsewhere, this only represents 2% of the population of China. Broadband internet does not seem to hold enough appeal alone to facilitate the spread of faster connections.


According to the Economist, Toptrend's DiTV box is the solution to this problem. At a low price it allows on-demand movies, VoIP communications, access to the stocks and shares market and a secure payment system. The list of potentials does not end there however, a vast number of USB ports allows the box to be used as a fully functional PC, an online gaming console, a web browser or a video conferencing terminal.


The Economist concludes that "If Toptrend's product were to be widely adopted, then it would be playing a key role in creating the first truly converged telecoms service market in the world." clearly highlighting that Toptrend's DiTV solution is far ahead of any efforts of their competitors.


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