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>DiTV solution looks to the future and sets new standard

Toptrend's DiTV system generates US$300million revenue and is now setting its sights on upgrading further its leading technology solutions.


The company is engaged in talks with worldwide content providers, including leaders of the movie industry in Hollywood, in order to further equip its advanced DiTV hardware/software.


Toptrend's chairman Chiang Wee Tiong expresses the ease at which content providers integrate with the system, "We provide both the hardware and the software, and want to give DiTV content providers a complete platform they can use" he goes on to state that "The software is propriety, has been developed by us and runs on top of Microsoft's Windows CE operating system." The amazing ease at which content providers can begin to utilise the DiTV platform means that the latest films will always be cheaply available to the consumer.


The technology is set to boom according to independent market researcher IDC Corp. They say they the number of subscribers to IPTV in the Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) will grow from nearly 500,000 in 2004, to 20million by 2009, with Murchison continuing to set the bar for entertainment quality, ease of use and functionality.


The DiTV solution has taken over 7 years of research and development by Toptrend, costing over HK$350 million, and has developed from a basic IPTV system into the feature-rich DiTV solution that it is today. The system only requires a 512kbs broadband connection, a relatively slow speed compared to the majority of connections available today, and a television to plug into. In the future Murchison is looking to incorporate the box into their TV sets, removing the requirement for extra hardware.


Toptrend is now ready to commercialise their DiTV solution, providing a strong contender to Hong Kong based PCCW's Now! broadband TV which launched in 2003. Toptrend is also based in Hong Kong, however is not limiting itself only to this region, but is expanding into the entire Asia-Pacific. Toptrend is looking towards the future by constantly seeking new upgrades to their technology which sets the standard in IPTV solutions.

Murchison Holdings is now developing an IPTV solution from Murchison Group Ltd who have been commisioned to work on the front end visual display of the entire platform. Marcus commented, "We are intending to create a system that fuses quality design, functionality and interactive features. Having taken charge of the entire front end delivery, Murchison Holdings has been given the chance to use fresh creative approaches to a medium which wil take both residential and business users into a new era of digital synergy between entertainment and communications through one device."


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