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> DiTV revealed within Singapore - potential viewed by all

Singapore broadband providers are planning to harness the potential of Toptrend's DiTV box.


The technology has been revealed to Singaporean telecom operators and Internet Service Providers, who are considering expanding the services they operate through Toptrend's new DiTV solution.


The DiTV platform has been developed over 7 years and the new OOS it runs on is reported to have taken around 1,000 "man years" to develop to the standard at which it operates. The platform achieves the ultimate integration of entertainment, information, commerce, telecommunications and interactivity, all contained in the DiTV box itself.


The remote control that is used for selecting functions and calling up video content acts as a cordless VoIP and conventional fixed-line handset, as well as an internet access tool that recognizes fingertip handwriting in both English and Chinese. Plans for more languages such as Sanskrit are currently underway.


What was most impressive to the Singaporean telcos and ISPs was the fact that the content available on DiTV does not require time to download or stream, it is all available on demand through a 'viewing tunnel' that takes only 10 seconds to establish and transmit in HD quality and surround sound. Downloading a movie via broadband can take hours, or even days depending on connection speed of both the user and provider, streaming the same film would also take a long period of time with poor video quality.


All the content is available 'on-demand' without having to follow a viewing schedule, the video feed can be paused, fast-forwarded and rewound, the software automatically pauses when a VoIP call comes through.


Toptrend's chairman Chiang Wee Tiong briefly explains the potential of DiTV and its applications in Singapore, "Video content delivery is just one part of what the DiTV package can offer, but it is fair to say that it potentially represents the biggest quantum leap in TV since black-and-white viewing gave way to colour. We forecast that all video entertainment and communications will be piped into the home by broadband within five years. Singapore, with its reputation as an early adopter of leading edge technologies, was an obvious market for us to make DiTV available."


Toptrend plans to make the device available on a totally comparable basis to telecom operators and ISPs who will be free to devise their own models for consumers. They will also be free to establish their own content deals with providers, as well as to take material that Toptrend is working on. Toptrends current living room or office package offers almost unlimited options and potential ranging from gaming to banking, home shopping to distance learning, telemedicine to share-dealing, and can continue to easily expand its services and content.


Chairman Wee Tiong also comments "We are already busy building a number of rich applications for this platform, having spent years working in the enterainment industry, its great to now be part of the team who can develop interactive content for this platform"

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